Theory Test

What ever kind of licence you are going for, you will need to have a valid Theory test certificate before we can book your practical test.

The theory test is in two parts, the first part is 50 multiple choice questions about the Highway Code, general road use and question relating to motorbike maintenance and riding. You need to get 43/50 to pass.

The second part of the theory test is a series of video clips. This is called the hazard perception test. The idea is that you need to click the button when you see a hazard that may cause you to slow down or change direction. If you are an experienced driver, you may find that you are spotting hazards too soon, so its worth clicking more than once, but if you keep clicking all the way through each video clip, you may find that the computer thinks you are just trying to cheat by catching everything, this definitely takes a bit of practice, so we recommend buying a DVD to have a go at home before you take the test.

You can book your theory test in the link below, this takes you straight to the booking site and avoids any booking agents that add to the cost.

Click here to book a THEORY TEST

There are two different practice tests for the multiple choice questions HERE, unfortunate it isnt easy to find many hazard perception practice tests on-line that don’t require an email address to register, so obviously be careful what you sign up for.


If you have an Android phone you can get a free app here that will also help you practice

(we are not responsible for this app so use at your own risk! others are available but a few of our customers have said this one is pretty good and is free.)