Terms & Conditions

ABBEY RIDER TRAINING (afterwards referred to as ART)

Terms and conditions for motorcycle training

1) All fees shall be paid in advance of each course or lesson.

2) Failure to give the correct cancellation notice for courses (as follows) will result in the student forfeiting any monies already paid. Cancellation giving the following notice periods or more will still carry fees of £20.00 – £50.00 (dependant on the course) to cover admin and bank charges. Should the course(s) be re-booked, the student will be liable to pay any lost fees again.

Cancellation notice required:

CBT – 5 working days.

Half day training session – 5 working days

Practical test – 10 working days.

3) In the event of mechanical breakdown or any cause beyond the control of ART, ART reserves the right to re-arrange or re-book any course at the earliest convenience to ART and the student.

4) The student to instructor ratio for each course shall be at the discretion of ART, or DSA requirement, and ART shall determine the aptitude of students for each course.

5) It is a condition of participating in any course that the student:

a) Is duly licensed to ride a motorcycle or moped on the public highway in the UK.
b) Uses a motorcycle which, if not supplied by ART, is in good and sound mechanical order, and fully road legal.
c) Wears suitable clothing including a securely fastened helmet, which complies with UK or EC legal requirements. Your instructors discretion will be used when assessing suitability of clothing.. This will include a jacket and gloves. All students must wear ART Hi-Viz jackets.

6) The student must, before commencing training, make available for inspection by ART a current and valid UK driving licence, plus CBT and theory certificate where applicable. Failure to produce the correct paperwork will result in lost fees for the course, which cannot legally commence without the correct paperwork.

7) If the student is supplying his or her own machine, they must make the machine available for inspection by ART, along with valid insurance, and a valid MOT certificate. The machine must have up to date tax displayed L-plates displayed front and rear of the machine, and left and right mirrors. Exhausts must be fully compliant with MOT regulations (no “Race” exhausts.)

8) ART accepts no liability for any claim, loss, damage or expense arising out of acts or omissions of ART or its employees, unless negligence or willful default by ART or its employees causes those acts.

9) The student will be liable to reimburse ART against any claim, loss, damage or expense incurred by ART as a result of any breach of these terms and conditions by the student.

10) ART can accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property left on any part of these premises. This includes student’s bikes in storage. Student bikes being delivered for training must be insured from the time they arrive at ART.