The CBT course syllabus is set by the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle standards Agency) and is designed to get a novice road user and motorcyclist up to a safe standard that will allow them to ride unsupervised on L-plates.

The CBT is often thought of as “just a formality”, the truth is that the CBT is the foundation on which all further training is based. This is the main reason we offer an Introduction lesson, we do not want you to feel rushed or out of your depth while completing your CBT in a friendly relaxed professional atmosphere. Also, it gives you a great head start allowing us to teach you to a much higher level than cramming the CBT course into a day while you are still trying to remember which lever to squeeze.

We offer a free introduction lesson which is very useful for riders on geared bikes. The intro lesson will enable you to learn the basics of bike control without the pressure of trying to complete the CBT on the same day and allows time for more training should it be required.

There is a perception that the CBT is a one day course, this has never been the case, beware of schools claiming to be able to take a complete novice up to CBT standard in a day, they might want to charge you for extra training if you aren’t able to keep up with the pace of other riders. Our intro lesson gives you a massive head start, and we do our best to match riders of similar experience levels.

When comparing schools, make sure you are getting an accurate comparison, we do not charge any hidden extras such as additional insurance cover or bike hire.

Also, it is worth asking about how many hours they consider to be a “full day.”

Our CBT will run from 9am and is very unlikely to finish before 3:30-4:00.

We have put together a brief CBT study guide that should get you on the right track and give you all the information you should need as well as the rules that we have to follow when delivering your course.