Abbey Rider Training is Swindon’s longest running bike school.

When it comes to motorcycle training we are leading the way in how courses are structured and delivered.  We have found that intensive courses do not give the best results and we are motivated to get you on the right course and help you get the result you want first time.

The first stage for any novice rider on a geared bike should be one of our FREE introduction lessons. We teach you all about bike control in a safe environment away from traffic and allow you to progress at your own pace.
We believe the benefits are so important we offer this lesson for free

After the Introduction lesson comes the CBT. This is often thought of as “just a formality”, the truth is that the CBT is the foundation on which all further training is based. This is the main reason we offer an Introduction lesson, we do not want you to feel rushed or out of your depth while completing your CBT in a friendly relaxed professional atmosphere. Also, it gives you a great head start allowing us to teach you to a much higher level than cramming the CBT course into a day while you are still trying to remember which lever to squeeze. Riding should be fun, not an ordeal.

Want to take things further? We have that covered too! Click here to find out more about taking your test.

Our courses are modified to suit the individual rider, Beware of “one size fits all” approach to motorcycle training, you may end up paying for training you don’t need, or being left short and losing a test fee. The best thing to do is call and discuss your requirements.


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