After Test

As you may have heard through the motorcycling press, the DSA along with the motorcycle industry have put together a new package of training known as the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS).

If you have not ridden for a while and would like to do some preliminary refresher training, that can be easily accommodated. Please call for details!


The first step is to go for an assessment ride so that we can take a look at how you have developed since passing your test.

If your riding is at a satisfactory level, a certificate can be issued which could entitle you to insurance discounts.

If your riding would benefit from further tuition we will outline the areas that require attention and suggest further training.

If you trained with us for your test, you already know that we make our courses as enjoyable as possible and we always do our best to ensure the training fits your requirements.

Advanced Courses (RoSPA, IAM etc.) involve a test, ERS does not. Think of it more as a stepping stone towards an advanced qualification. We will teach you many of the same techniques, and give you time to practice.